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Current Campaigns

Current Campaigns

The Better Off Out campaign is engaged in a number of campaigns and issues that concern the UK’s freedom from the EU. Underneath are just some:



Better Off Out travels around the country taking its roadshow to all sorts of places. If you would like the Roadshow to come to your area, or are interested in running an event yourself, contact our Campaigns Manager Rupert Matthews on rupert@tfa.net



The Global Star campaign:

global star

The UK has a lot of potential. Whether it be in the economy or elsewhere, we want to illustrate this fact to the next generation. The Global Star campaign is designed to show students (16-24) how their future lies in a global economy, free from the EU. In highlighting both the economic and demographic trends that the world is currently experiencing, the campaign aims to show young people why being outside the EU is both preferable now and in the future. The latest publication concerning the campaign is The Future’s Bright – The Future’s Globalwritten by Rory Broomfield, Director of the Better Off Out campaign.

The Opt-Out campaign:

opt out

Focusing on the legal environment that the UK is forced to comply with, we illustrate to Members of Parliament and the Lords why the UK would be better off opting out of EU legislation and formulating its own laws, voted through by its own representatives, for its own people. The latest publication concerning the campaign is Why We Should Opt-Out, written by Jonathan Lindsell, Research Fellow at the think tank Civitas.