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Policy Successes

Better Off Out has been involved in a number of campaigns that have concerned the UK’s relationship with the EU. Although Better Off Out cannot claim sole credit for the success of all the following campaigns, either our supporters or the campaign have directly played a part in achieving the end goal.


Highlighting EU funding of despotic regimes, research by the Better Off Out campaign showed how the European Union had spent over £1 billion on the Assad regime since 2000, along with how the EU had supported other dictators around the world at the same time. The campaign sent this research to Members of Parliament before the vote on whether the UK should consider further intervention in Syria. Backed by a number of our supporters in Parliament, the House of Commons passed a vote that was widely seen as stopping the UK government from launching military activities in Syria.

Three Million Jobs.

The debate on the EU in the UK has been plagued by misrepresentations by politicians and none so blatant than the claim that three million jobs depend on the UK’s EU membership. This claim, perpetuated by Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg MP, was exposed by Tim Congdon CBE to be false. The counter argument goes that jobs are based on trade and not EU membership and pressure from the campaign led to Tim Farron, the President of the Liberal Democrats, stating that the claim that jobs depended on EU membership was “just not credible”.
EU Referendum Promise.

In October 2011, David Nuttall MP, the current Chairman Better Off Out Group of MPs and Peers, moved an EU Referendum Bill in the House of Commons. Despite the Bill being opposed by all three main parties (with all placing “three line whips” on their MPs), the motion received the support of 113 MPs. With the support of many other campaign groups, including Better Off Out, it set the train in motion which led to a change in policy within the Conservative Party, which will now offer a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU in 2017.