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You know when the masters of a political campaign are worried, not only do they rely on choreographed scaremongering but they will try to fix the vote too.

Make no mistake, the EUphiles are very, very worried they might lose. Thus, every possible advantage to gain a few percentage points here or there to scrape […]

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The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has strongly criticised Mike Rake the President of the Confederation of British Industry for his speech calling for the UK to remain in the EU, accusing the CBI of ignoring the General Election result and pursuing “corporatist and anti-democratic” policies.

 Lord Stoddart said:  “I find it deeply […]

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Rory Broomfield outlines what the EU plans to do – regardless of whether the UK remains an EU member or not. 

1. The EU already plans to keep on increasing its power – with or without the UK.

2. The UK has the ability to thrive outside the EU

3. We need a fair not […]

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In the later 16th Century Philip Hapsburg made a determined effort to unite all Europe under his own rule. As with so many who seek to rule all Europe, Philip cloaked his ambition in high sounding rhetoric. In his case he declared that he sought to return Europe to the fold of the Catholic Church […]

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The Cost of the EU

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Estimates of the cost to Britain of being a member of the European Union vary wildly, often depending on the political views of those making the estimates. Here Better Off Out’s Campaign Manager Rupert Matthews seeks to get to the truth.

Everyone agrees that the European Union costs Britain […]

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