All in one place: Better Off Out’s first breakdown of news and comment stories concerning the EU.

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Given the delay and the growing anticipation surrounding David Cameron’s speech on the EU, here are a few stories that relate to it:

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David Cameron’s delayed EU speech: extracts – The Spectator

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By the time the Prime Minister cancelled his Europe speech yesterday evening, extracts had already been briefed to journalists. Here are the extracts that have been released.

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Analysis – Cameron leading Britain into minefield on EU:

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(Reuters) – Prime Minister David Cameron is leading Britain into a minefield in seeking to renegotiate its terms of membership of the European Union. His gamble could easily end in a bust.

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Delayed, PM’s speech that tells EU: Give us better deal or we quit – The Express

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Although, he wants Britain to remain in Europe, the Prime Minister was also expected to promise British voters a referendum on the outcome of his bid to renegotiate the terms of the country’s EU membership.

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Lord Tebbit: David Cameron has driven himself into a political cul-de-sac over Europe – The Telegraph 

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The likely result in the case of the great speech to set out policy towards the EU is all too likely to be yet another muddle.

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James Forsyth: Dave puts EU policy in the hands of his indulgent auntie – The Mail

[David Cameron] has raised the stakes among his own party ahead of the speech.

Charles Moore: David Cameron can prove de Gaulle was right about us all along – The Telegraph 

Eurosceptics should not barrack the PM’s speech when it comes: they should bank it.

In Other news:

Liam Fox: I’d vote to leave the EU – The Spectator

If the choice for me was between going in the current direction… then personal preference would be to leave. I don’t want to have ever-closer union, I don’t want to be European first and British second.”

Voters want to go back to the Common Market, claims Liam Fox – The Mail

Dr Fox calls for return to ‘basic economic relationship’

Douglas Carswell: Obama doesn’t tell South Korea to be part of China so why should we be a bit of  the EU? – The Sun …

“YES, we can!” was Barack Obama’s election slogan when campaigning to become US President. Yet when it comes to the question of whether Britain might pull out of the European Union, Mr Obama seems to be telling us: “No, you can’t”.

Tony Benn hits out at unelected EU officials in new interview – Russia Voice

Veteran Labour politician Tony Benn has criticised unelected officials who run the European Union and accused them of “empire-building”. He speaks to VoR about his view that the UK should remain within the EU but “not be part of the empire”.

EU doubts put pound’s ‘safe haven’ status at risk, traders warn – The Telegraph 

The pound risks losing the ‘save-haven’ status it has enjoyed among international investors as doubts grow over Britain’s future in the EU.


Christopher Booker: Norway’s ‘fax democracy’ is nothing for Britain to fear – The Telegraph

Britain might exercise more influence over the European single market outside the EU than in it

EU politics: in “Europe” and ruled by Norway

When he says that we need to be members of the EU to gain access to the Single Market, Mr Cameron should be aware that …”trade policy”, says the EU Commission, “is an exclusive power of the EU – so only the EU, and not individual member states, can legislate on trade matters and conclude international trade agreements”.

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