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Campaigning Materials

Thank you to all who distributed our campaign material to ensure that the population of the United Kingdom voted in record breaking numbers to leave the EU. Over the course of the past ten years, the Better Off Out campaign has worked tirelessly for the result on 23rd June 2016. This has meant delivering over 15 million material – including over 10 million leaflets – to people throughout the UK over the life of the campaign.

Although the UK is still yet to officially leave the EU, we are proud of what we have helped to achieve. The campaign will still continue until the UK officially leaves the European Union, helping to inform the leave process throughout. Nonetheless, we are no longer distributing the campaign material that was previously available. Underneath though are samples of just some of the campaign materials that we supplied up until 14 April 2014 when the official campaign began and material was produced, independently of the Better Off Out campaign, by Vote Leave.

See also leaflets and other campaigning materials on our Save Britain’s Fish Campaign Page and our Save Britain’s Cash Campaign Page. You can download memes to use on Social Media from our Meme Page.




Leaflet – “Greek Austerity” (A5)

Austerity_Page_1           Austerity_Page_2



Leaflet – “Is Britain becoming too crowded?” (A4 folded to A5)

Leaflet_2_Immigration_A5_4pp_v6_Page_1 Leaflet_2_Immigration_A5_4pp_v6_Page_2


Poster “Britty Brexit” (A3)



Poster “Ring of Stars” (A3)


Poster “Save Britain’s Cash”



Lapel Badges

Badge 1 Britty Brexit

Better Off Out_51mm_sticky badge_Brixit_v1


Badge 2 Ring of Stars

Better Off Out_51mm_sticky badge_logo_v1





Follow the links to order direct from the supplier.

White T-Shirt, various styles and sizes


Order HERE

Blue T-Shirt, various styles and sizes


Order HERE



Window Stickers (ideal for cars)




Beer Mats

Better_Off_Out_Beer_mats_94mm_x_94mm_v2_Page_1 Better_Off_Out_Beer_mats_94mm_x_94mm_v2_Page_2 Better_Off_Out_Beer_mats_94mm_x_94mm_v2_Page_3 Better_Off_Out_Beer_mats_94mm_x_94mm_v2_Page_4 Better_Off_Out_Beer_mats_94mm_x_94mm_v2_Page_5

Save Britain’s Cash beer mats


Save Britain’s Fish beer mats

Better_Off_Out_Beer_mat_Jan_2016_Front_94mm_x_94mm_v1 Better_Off_Out_Beer_mat_Jan_2016_Reverse_94mm_x_94mm_v1


Template Letter

We have been asked to provide a template letter for people to use when writing to friends, colleagues or others. Please see the attached.

Download (DOCX, 78KB)

Download (PDF, 50KB)