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EU negotiations will be at the top of the agenda in the General Election

The UK is leaving the EU – that is much is known. What happens afterwards is a mystery and will be put at the centre of the General Election campaign to come. The opportunities that the UK has post-Brexit cannot be undermined by the planned attempts by Gina Miller and others that wish to dilute the UK’s negotiation position with the EU.

This is especially so as, in Westminster this week, more information came to light concerning the ongoing catastrophe our membership to the EU has been.

On Wednesday, Philip Hollobone, MP for Kettering and staunch supporter of the Better Off Out campaign, revealed that the UK would have paid – in direct contributions to the EU in net terms – over £200 billion (£210 billion) in today’s money by the time we officially leave.  That is over £11,000 per family in the UK.

Following this on Thursday, David T.C. Davies, MP for Monmouth and another supporter, illustrated how the EU Arrest Warrant system was being used by other countries to silence political opponents. Citing research conducted by The Freedom Association, Mr Davies argued that systems of justice across the EU were not meeting the standards, principles and traditions of those in the UK and, as such, the system needed to be rethought.

The significance of these meetings should not be understated. At a time when the UK is entering into negotiation with the EU, issues such as a possible “Exit fee” from the EU and debate over our future extradition arrangements should be central to the discussion.

This is made especially so given the news that Gina Miller is to tour the UK and made the case against a so-called “Hard Brexit”. This attitude, also exhibited by the Liberal Democrats, cannot be allowed to succeed at a time where the UK needs as much strength going into negotiations with the EU as possible.

As such, the Better Off Out campaign, along with The Freedom Association and others, want to fight back to ensure that the positive case for leaving the EU is still heard, and that opportunities such as reform of the European Arrest Warrant are not ignored.

If you want a strong Brexit negotiating position and the positive case for real EU reform to be made then donate to Better Off Out today and help us fight back against the pro-EU arguments in the UK that want to hold his country back.



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