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Europhiles such as Ken Clark are no democrats


Last week in the House of Commons, James Wharton’s Private Members Bill that called for a referendum on EU membership received a hefty 304-0 victory in its Second Reading. It was unprecedented for such a Bill to gain such a majority in such circumstances. 

What were those circumstances? Well, nearly the entire Labour Party – including its leader – stayed away and left the Conservatives, the DUP, some of the true democrats on the Labour benches and a few Lib Dem agitators in the Chamber, with many non-Conservatives not voting in the lobby afterwards.

But who else was not going through the Aye lobby to support the Conservative Party’s position? Ken Clarke! This Euro-phile Tory Minister may well have been slipped by the party but in doing so he didn’t show up to a debate, nor vote on a Bill, that had a three-line whip running on it.

In breaking ranks and not voting for his Party’s Bill, Ken Clarke has shown himself to be out of touch but not out of character. He has recently railed against the calling of a referendum on the EU “ridiculous”. To quote him in full:

“The idea that they are all demanding a referendum on the European Union would be regarded as ridiculous, it would be out of sight as a public priority. It is the demand of a few right-wing journalists and a few extreme nationalist politicians.”

Of course, he wasn’t the only not to show up. Vince Cable, MP for Twickenham, failed to show up and vote on this matter. He may well have been nursing his wounds as his newest venture, Our Biggest Market, failed to gain any media attention and was perceived as an outright flop.

All in all, these dinosaurs showed themselves up as being out of touch and ineffective.

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