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“It’s time to be tough, not timid” in dealing with EU, says peer.

News Release from Better Off Out Patron, Lord Stoddart:

The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has reacted angrily to the attitude of EU Council President Donald Tusk toward Brexit.

Lord Stoddart said:  “The ramifications and difficulties of the UK’s departure from the EU and the dictatorial attitude of Donald Tusk serve to emphasise the extent to which our country has been sold down the river by successive governments and parliaments.  Much of our governance has been allowed to fall into the hands of unelected bureaucrats and 27 other countries, whose interests are either not the same as ours or, in some cases, inimical to them.

“Now is the time for our Government to stand firm. To be tough, not timid and to obtain the return of our freedom and democracy, sooner rather than later.  They are our birth right and should be returned to us without the bullying and intimidation we are currently seeing from Brussels.”



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