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Launch of the Global Star campaign

global star

Today sees the launch of the Better Off Out “Global Star” campaign at The Freedom Association’s “Freedom Zone” in Manchester. The campaign, aimed at secondary school and university students, is an attempt to emphasize the global opportunities that lie beyond the confines of the EU and illustrate how Britain’s future must always be seen as a global – not regional – one.

In an effort to counter school projects from the European Union that seek to propagandize its own benefits, this campaign is designed to show the potential that the next generation of business owners, lawyers, computer scientists and others have outside the EU. In doing so the campaign invites individuals to become a “global star” by joining the campaign and help Britain realize their potential.

Commenting on this, Rory Broomfield, Better Off Out’s Director, said:

“With this campaign we are looking to illustrate the potential that is developing and the future that lies ahead for the next generation.”

“The campaign is designed to show those in schools and universities what, free from the EU’s regulations, they can achieve.”

This launch coincided with a new book, “The Future’s Bright – The Future’s Global”, which has been written to show the themes and main trends that the UK needs to take hold of, if it is to succeed in the future. It complements the campaign fully and the hope is that it will assist Better Off Out spread its positive global message.

Better Off Out is a campaign run by The Freedom Association, a non-partisan pressure group dedicated to principles of freedom and national sovereignty. To keep up to date with the campaign, do follow us on Twitter @BetterOffOut.
For media enquiries please contact Rory Broomfield on 07557772540 on rory@tfa.net

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