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‘Make the UK Supreme Court supreme arbiter’ – Better Off Out Director

The government released its latest position paper today on enforcement and dispute resolution as part of its EU negotiation platform.

The paper set out numerous arbitration procedures that, under international law, the UK and EU could adopt after March 2019. The overarching desire is, however, to ensure that the direct jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice over the UK’s courts ceases on exit.

Speaking to SkyNews and writing in the Telegraph, EU law expert Martin Howe QC set out why the UK should not be bound by the ECJ after Brexit. He also spelt out the reasons why the UK should not become part of the EFTA Court.

As pointed out by Conservative MP, John Redwood, the paper also set out a number of dispute settlement systems that are being used by non-EU members and could be used by the UK once it becomes an independent country again.

However, speaking on the subject, Better Off Out Director Rory Broomfield hit out against the way some news outlets have covered this story:

“What we have seen in the past 24 hours is the worst kind of spurious speculation and spin from certain media groups and pro-EU pressure groups. Suggestions of a so-called ‘climbdown’ are far from the truth, as illustrated by the Prime Minister’s remarks today.

What is clear is that we will be leaving the EU and the direct jurisdiction of the ECJ. The government has been clear on this. What is next is how the EU responds during the forthcoming rounds of negotiations.

I look forward to the day when the UK’s Supreme Court, as a final arbiter, is just that: supreme.”



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