The last few months has seen a great deal more economic analysis of what the benefits or risks might be if the UK were to leave the European Union. Most notable has been research produced by Open Europe, a mildly eurosceptic group that prefers the option of reform to that of exit.

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Tony Blair’s intervention, asking whether this is the time to leave the EU, should be met with a definitive cry of: Yes!

The EU presents the UK with significant regulatory and financial burdens that have meant UK taxpayers have faced ever increasing bills.

By the government’s own estimations, the UK taxpayer is due to […]

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Conference – let me first of all pay tribute to Jamie McKenzie for having initiated and organised this event and to say how much I, for one, appreciate this opportunity to express a few thoughts about Magna Carta that you won’t have heard or read elsewhere.

It is a matter of regret, to me, as […]

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Remember the butter mountains with the wine and milk lakes of the 1980s and early 1990s? The effects of previous Common Agricultural Policies hurt both producers at home and abroad as the EU incentivised overproduction which resulted in the mass waste of produce and the “dumping” of that produce on developing countries in Africa. This […]

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The Scaremongers

On March 31, 2015 By

Global Britain has produced a report that exposes the scare tactics of those who want to keep Britain trapped inside the EU. Many of those scare tactics are based on half-truths, misrepresentations and dodgy statistics.

Co-author of the report, Brian Monteith, writes here about his work.

As we approach the general election in May there […]

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