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Why We Should Opt Out: Evidence from the Better Off Out campaign

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Why We Should Opt Out examines those European Union Police and Criminal Justice measures into which the Home Office has indicated a desire to ‘opt in’. The evaluation focuses on measures with potential negative consequences for freedom, and measures which the United Kingdom would manage better outside of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) auspices. 

Written by Jonathan Lindsell, political blogger and research fellow at Civitas, it shows the UK has the ability to manage its own affairs and protect the freedoms of its citizens. It illustrates, therefore, that unlike what many Europhiles believe to be true,  the UK could manage its own affairs and that it would be Better Off Out.

Better Off Out is a campaign run by The Freedom Association, a non-partisan pressure group dedicated to principles of freedom and national sovereignty. To keep up to date with the campaign, do follow us on Twitter @BetterOffOut.
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