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Rise up against the European Arrest Warrant

By Rory Broomfield, Director of the Better Off Out campaign:

The case of Alexander Adamescu shows some of the deep seated problems with the European Arrest Warrant.

Alexander, a German citizen living in London with his partner and children, is under the spectre of the EAW served on the request of the Romanian government.

Earlier this week, Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, Steven Woolfe MEP and Professor Tim Evans appeared in Parliament alongside Alexander at an event run by Conservatives for Liberty. At this event, all illustrated the horror that Alexander and his family has been subjected to because of this legal instrument.

In his speech, Jacob Rees-Mogg described why he opposed the EAW in theory. He described how the concept of all legal systems within the EU being seen as equal has led to systems that do not have the same standards and traditions as English law being seen as legally equivalent.

Steven Woolfe then spoke about the proportionality problems of the EAW itself. In this, Mr Woolfe described how individuals are being extradited across Europe for offences that would never see the light of a court room in the United Kingdom. Mr Woolfe subsequently raised this as an urgent point in the European Parliament in Strasbourg the day after the event.

Alexander then stood up and told of his heart-wrenching case. To give his case context, it should be understood that Alexander’s father, Dan Adamescu, was the owner of an opposition newspaper and was sent to prison on similarly dubious legal grounds. During his time in prison, Mr Adamescu Snr was denied medical treatment and subsequently died. Alexander, for speaking up against the injustice of his father has become a enemy of the Romanian government. The government, under the cloak of an anti-corruption drive, has issued this European Arrest Warrant against Alexander for the exact same alleged offence that they accused his father of. With no credible evidence to back up the claim.

This case is of the utmost importance. It shows the rank injustice that the European Arrest Warrant allows.

To equate the UK system of justice, with its traditions of Habeas Corpus, prima facie evidence and trial by jury to that of ex-Soviet countries such as Romania is not just a betrayal of English justice but also a betrayal of those living in the UK by the British government.

We need to rise up against this system. If you would like to meet Alexander and discuss his case with him, you can come to the Freedom Festival on Saturday 18th to hear him and Professor Evans speak about this case and the situation with the European Arrest Warrant. Otherwise, please sign this petition, follow this Facebook and Twitter profile and write to your Members of Parliament.




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