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Academics and journalists

The Better Off Out campaign is supported by thousands of ordinary people, as well as some MPs, Lords, journalists and opinion formers. Below are some quotes from some of our renowned supporters in the academic and journalistic world on why they believe we would all be BETTER OFF OUT:



“It is in all our interests that the UK puts an end to the intolerable costs of our EU membership.”  Professor Patrick Minford CBE PhD


“We would be much better off without the restrictions and interventions of the EU.”  Tom Utley, Daily Mail Journalist

“As Sr. Barroso pointed out recently the original justification for the move to European integration was to stop Germany invading France.  Again.  As Sr. Barroso also pointed out in the same Hugo Young Memorial Speech, this is now unthinkable.  Good, mission achieved so can we leave now so as to be free of the stultifying effects of excessive regulation, the absurd idiocies of CAP and the CFP and the strangulation of our trade by the quite insane beliefs in mercantilism?”  Tim Worstall, Writer


“Time after time I have given the reformers the benefit of doubt, but no longer.  Labour will not reform the EU.  Don’t even ask the Liberal Democrats.  Now the Conservative Party, in its decision to abandon its plan to take Britain out of the Common Fisheries Policy, has shown it is not serious about change.  Reform is dead as a policy.  It is not credible or believable. We’d be better off out – and if it means a grass roots campaign to achieve it then that’s what we must do.” Brian Monteith