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Members of Parliament

The Better Off Out campaign is supported by thousands of ordinary people, as well as some MPs, Lords, journalists and opinion formers. Below are some quotes from some of our renowned supporters in Parliament on why they believe we would all be BETTER OFF OUT:


I believe in an independent Britain – Britain would be Better Off Out of the failing European Union.  It’s time to campaign for an independent Britain.” Douglas Carswell MP

“Our country built our prosperity as world traders.  Our future prosperity depends on us trading with China, India, the rest of the Commonwealth and across the globe.  It does not depend on being tied up in a backward-looking, inward-facing, protection racket designed to prop up inefficient continental farmers and businesses.  We want free trade with the EU, but we do not need to be members of it to have that.”  Philip Davies MP

“I support the Better Off Out Campaign because I believe that the European Union is fast moving towards Federalism and the creation of a European Superstate.  This will result in a further loss of British sovereignty, which will herald the end of our parliamentary democracy and curtail many of our hard won freedoms.”  Jeffrey Donaldson MP



“My reason for wanting to leave the EU is simple: Britain needs to regain control of its own destiny if it is to remain a sovereign nation. We can only do that by leaving the EU and forming bi-lateral trading arrangements with other countries, whether or not they are members of the EU.” Gordon Henderson MP

“Millions of British people have never had the chance to vote on whether or not to be in the EU.  In 2006, you have to be at least 49 years of age to have taken part in the last UK referendum on Europe.”  Philip Hollobone MP

“Those who control the European Union want an ever closer union between member states which will increasingly mean more and more power for Brussels. I am fed up with this Country being told what to do by other Countries in the EU which is why I believe we should leave the European Union and instead have free trade agreements with EU countries just as we do with many non-EU countries. We could still make agreements with other European countries on areas where it would be helpful to work together such as extradition treaties and deporting convicted foreign nationals.” David Nuttall MP


“I have decided enough is enough and that Britain really is better off out. We should be part of a Free Trade Association not a Political Union.” Heather Wheeler MP