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The Case

Money well spent? What do you think…


The Office of National Statistics published figures in late November which showed that in 2012 the UK’s gross contribution to the European Union hit £19.2 billion, a more than 5% increase from the previous year. We are now giving the equivalent of £52.5 million each day to the EU. With receipts at just over £8 billion (down from 2009 due to the Labour government giving up our Rebate) that means our net contribution in 2010 was a staggering £10.8 billion, up from £7.3 billion the year before.


Here’s some food for thought – £10.8billion each year could be spent on:
68 new hospitals (at £150 million each)
381,481 more nurses (at £27,000 average salary)
265,218 more police officers (at £38,836 average salary)
432 new schools (at £25million each).