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The Chancellor is wrong – Brexit is not blame for his planned tax rise

In his first (and last) spring Budget, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, spelt out a tax rise for self-employed people across the UK. In the interviews conducted afterwards, he has implied that this was due to Brexit. He is wrong.

Since the Brexit vote last year, the economy has boomed. The UK is as a result the leading developed nation in growth terms. It has led to a £60 billion windfall for the Treasury that the Chancellor has chosen not to use.

It is, of course, the choice of the Chancellor and Government on what goes into the Budget. Philip Hammond has the ability to use the £60 billion if he wished, he has the ability not to raise taxes for the self-employed in the first place, if he wished.

Commenting on the story, Director of the Better Off Out campaign, Rory Broomfield, said:

“It is a deceit to imply that the Brexit vote has led to this tax change. The Treasury has seen huge sums of money coming in post-Brexit but, of course, Philip Hammond has chosen not to use them. Leaving the EU will bring so many different opportunities to the UK. It’s a shame that, despite the Government adopting a pro-Brexit policy, the Chancellor is seeking to blame his mistakes on Brexit.


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