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The UK must free itself from this feckless foreign court


Life no longer means life, according to the Strasbourg based European Court of Human Rights. This goes against rulings made in UK Courts on some of the most dangerous people in the United Kingdom and is putting UK freedoms at risk.

The decision has been quickly criticised across the political spectrum and is seen as unacceptable by people from Max Hastings in the Mail to John Rentoul in the Independent.

Indeed, as described in today’s Mail Online, this decision gives the hope of freedom to “49 monsters” that have been given life sentences in the UK for crimes such as rape and murder.

It is the basic idea that UK Courts should be able to decide the sentences for those who commit crimes in the UK. This is a freedom that the courts have surrendered to the ECHR and, as a result, we face the prospect of UK Courts being unable to give appropriate sentences to those who have committed heinous crimes.

The Home Secretary, Theresa May MP, said in the House of Commons earlier this week that she wanted the UK to leave the ECHR. This decision, along with cases such as that of Abu Qatada, shows that Britain must break free from this useless foreign court.

Better Off Out is a campaign run by The Freedom Association, a non-partisan pressure group dedicated to principles of freedom and national sovereignty. To keep up to date with the campaign, do follow us on Twitter @BetterOffOut. 


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