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Why British Farmers would be Better Off Out

Why British Farmers would be Better Off Out



Before the end of 2017 Britain will vote in a referendum on whether or not to leave the European Union. Through the Common Agricultural Policy, British farming is heavily influenced by Britain’s membership of the EU, arguably more than any other business sector. Uncertainty about how withdrawal might affect farming is understandable, but misplaced. Arguably, leaving the EU would have little or no effect on farming, and could actually be beneficial.


If Britain left the EU:

  • Levels of government support to British farming would be unaffected, and might actually rise as the UK contributes more to the CAP than it receives back.
  • Government support would be targeted at issues affecting British, not European, farmers.
  • The NFU and other groups would be lobbying British ministers attuned to British interests, not remote bureaucrats in Brussels more interested in Spanish olive growers..
  • Farming support would not be diluted by the addition to the EU of large numbers of new farmers in Eastern Europe entering the CAP.



A major reservation British citizens have when considering the idea of leaving the European Union, is the farm subsidy. The subsidy is a set amount of money per land used to incentivize farming, which will cease when Britain leaves  the European Union and make the British economy suffer. The British economy will suffer when you only acknowledge  the idea Britain will be “losing” money. When you look at all the facts carefully the current farm subsidies do not  outweigh the detriment being caused by the European Union. Farm subsidies are not helping British farmers because  the British receive a tiny portion, the ineffectiveness of the European Union’s system is, and the European Union is restricting farmer’s rights.


Looking at the big picture Britain receives a measly seven percent of all EU farming subsidies. Compared to other countries the British are receiving a very small piece of a huge pie. The subsidy program is rapidly increasing competition in the European market by expanding into Eastern Europe adding over 6 million farmers. This move being great for Europe as a whole allowing for cheap crops but hurting Britain’s ability to compete in the market. The bureaucratic side of the EU has become ineffective and it continues to increase in size but is doing a less effective job. One major issue is that the current policy for farmers is too vague allowing people to receive benefits that should not be. This issue has allowed airports and some country clubs to collect money. To put it simply the British government could and would do much better job. The British government would do it in a much more effective way.


The EU’s agricultural policy has begun a tyrannical rule over farming in the United Kingdom. The farming program has implemented many rules which dictate various things to farmers. Including farmers must plant three types of crops on their land and is obligated to leave seven percent of their land untouched. Leaving land, untouched can be detrimental to small farmers who are trying to make the most out of their land. The land must fit certain criteria set out by the EU costing farmers unnecessary money. The lack of control does not stop with British land but also affects an inability to choose which pesticides or hormones are placed in British animals. The European Union has grown and is growing too powerful for its own good and insists on thinking it knows what is best for countries.


The main priority for farmers and citizens in the United Kingdom, should be taking back control. Instead of letting a group of people who sit in an office all day dictate how a farm should be run. Allow the British government to set the subsidies preventing people from abusing the system. Set a system up allowing small farmers to compete. Most importantly give the choice back to the farmers and consumers, allowing the markets and prices to dictate what and how the farmers grow. When you look at all the problems with the EU they not come close do not come close to the meager subsidies British farmers are currently receiving. Do what is best for British farming and vote out of the European Union.



  • CAP payments for European countries in order are France benefits most, with about 17%, followed by Spain 13%, then Germany 12%, and Italy 10.6% compared to the UK at only 7%.
  • British farmers must use homeopathic methods on organic livestock which are unproven remedies that are resulting in the painful suffering and death of British Livestock.
  • Europe is spending 40 percent of the annual budget and yet agriculture generates just 1.6% of EU GDP and employs only 5% of EU citizens.
  • “The three crop rule means that Brussels bureaucrats are going to be deciding what our farmers produce, rather than what consumers want, which is a problem.”- Liz Truss Environmental Secretary



British farmers would certainly be no worse off if Britain were to leave the European Union and arguably would be considerably better off.

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